660 stands for the power of its engine

LM indicates design DNA inspired by the iconic Le Mans prototypes

S means road use

Picasso Car 660 LMS

"One of the few full carbon fiber chassis.
The side monocoque is made up of the longest fiber panel ever built for a car in the world: 3.24 meters"


"Engine built especially for Picasso by Autotecnica Motori, leader in engine design in FIA GT, Formula 2, Formula 3.
3.0 V6 twin turbo engine with max speed 315 km/h.
We have developed an engine that can make the most of the performance of synthetic fuels, bringing immediate and measurable benefits in terms of containing and lowering CO2 emissions. Not only that: the internal combustion engine is more efficient in terms of performance but also more recyclable in its components than batteries and electric engines."


"To obtain the lowest value of the unsprung masses and more stability, a study was carried out through simulations of the structural parts to lighten the kinematic parts of the suspensions. The “double wishbone” suspension system guarantees high steering precision.
Ball joints, instead of rubber joints as in production cars, emphasize the sensations transmitted by the road to the driver."



Lenght (mm) 4.366

Height (mm) 1.250


Width (mm) 1.967

Weight (kg) 980


All-aluminum 90° Twin Turbo V6, gear drive, dry sump

Displacement (l) 2.996

Maximum power (CV/kW) 660/485


Maximum revs (rpm) 8.000

Maximum torque (Nm/kgm) 720/73


7-speed (road version)

sequential (GT2 version)

RWD traction

Picasso Car 660 LMS
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