Challenging benchmark

Our goal is to build a Swiss supercar, light and technical enough to gift an incredible driving experience on the road and the track. Our R&D department is working hard to take the PS-01 to the next level, developing a full carbon-fiber supercar that weighs less than 900kg. #MISSION900

Build it
Engineering and performance
Extraordinary chassis, purest aerodynamics and high performance are key elements of our DNA. Our engineering team is powered and inspired by motorsport: the best test bench to validate innovative solutions.
Sovrapposizione statica
Make it
Advanced production processes
The prototyping approach and the most advanced production processes are pillars of our agility. Rapid prototyping guarantees the highest speed and flexibility in the design and production process. At the same time reverse engineering accelerates the development process, ensuring a more efficient product.
Sovrapposizione statica
Achieve it
Relentless pursuit
To us, 900 kg represents more than just a number: it embodies one of our challenging benchmarks to be achieved with engineering excellence and composites. It is a dare that forces us to go beyond our limits.
Pushing boundaries
From building cutting-edge integrated technologies to manufacturing high-end materials and developing ground- breaking design: we never stop looking for innovative ways to push boundaries within high-performance. But that’s not all: we are relentless in challenging the present to lead the future era of sustainability.
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