Wednesday, 08 June 2022

  • Picasso Automotive’s first creation will make its debut at the Top Marques Salon in Monaco, June 8th-12th
  • The final design, naming and tech details of the Picasso Automotive first born will be revealed on June 8th
  • Hand-crafted power with lightness: the unique features of this Swiss-made supercar are at the pinnacle of automotive innovation

San Vittore, May 20, 2022 - The first supercar of the Swiss car manufacturer Picasso Automotive is about to make its international debut, hosted by Top Marques Monaco. On June 8th the car will be unveiled at the event private preview, showing itself in its final design, alongside with its naming, technical features and commercial details.

The new Swiss supercar signed by Picasso Automotive is based on an ultralight platform that exploits the best properties of carbon fiber on an unprecedent level - from the bodywork to the interiors - resulting in a skinny weight of just under 1.000 kilograms. Its state-of-the-art aerodynamics develops over 900 kg of downforce at top speed, granting extreme performances. The most striking feature of this marvel lies at its very heart, namely its engine, specifically conceived to deliver the best union of performance and functionality. Top speed and ultimate acceleration are essential qualities of the company’s creations: this supercar is designed and developed to hit the track and at the same time honed for the road, to deliver a matchless driving experience.

Founded in 2020, Picasso Automotive Creations SA is a Swiss car manufacturer founded by Stefano Picasso and Robert Wild. It designs, engineers, and produces high-performance supercars characterized by a refined search for lightness through composite materials, Swiss craftmanship and precision, to deliver sophisticated handling and top performance. Racing and sustainability are pillars of the Picasso Automotive’s DNA, which aims at winning in future endurance competitions. Today the company is growing organically, with the addition of new professionals enriching the team and through strong external strategic partnerships.

Stay tuned for the next updates coming from Monaco on June 8th

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