Easyrain and Picasso, together for the world’s first integration of an anti-aquaplaning sensor on a supercar

Monday, 18 October 2021
Picasso Automotive PS 01

The new partnership with Easyrain

Easyrain i.S.p.A. and Picasso Automotive Creations SA sign a partnership that will bring the virtual sensor DAI aboard the new full-carbon Swiss supercar PS-01: the first supercar not afraid of the wet!
“A historic agreement for Easyrain! Our DAI - predictive virtual sensor able to secure driving on wet asphalt - will be installed for the first time on a supercar, the new PS-01. I would like to thank Stefano, who shares with me the same passion and the desire for innovation. DAI improves automotive safety by alerting the driver on critical wet road conditions. What an incredible beginning for our Technology in a high performance and innovative supercar. The integration into the PS-01 will bring important results for the future launches of our anti-aquaplaning safety systems. It will be a wonderful and challenging journey. Let's get on board the first car maker! We can't wait to get started to put the system in action and provide extra safety during the emotional drive with this fantastic high performance car”, said Giovanni Blandina, CEO & Founder of Easyrain.
“We are very excited that Easyrain has undertaken the development of this system with us”, commented Stefano Picasso, founder and CEO of Picasso Automotive. “Picasso Automotive wants to be a laboratory for new high-performance technologies, with the aim of maximizing efficiency and optimizing weight to achieve extreme performances by focusing on innovation in engineering and composite materials. Our R&D department is constantly developing and evolving, just like our cars. We take every external input as a new challenge! Being able to test the DAI virtual sensor on our first car is a really amazing opportunity”.
The integration of virtual sensor DAI on board the PS-01 opens up a new scenario in the field of high-level automotive technological innovation, allowing further optimization of vehicle performance and safety in aquaplaning conditions.
Thanks to the installation into the PS-01, Easyrain accelerates even further towards market entry.

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